Purge-it! Customer Survey Results

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There is no better way to see whether a product can meet your specific requirements than actually viewing it in action and talking to the experts who know how to implement it.

Join us at a forthcoming Conference or on a Webinar to find out why Purge-it! is not just a tool, it is a solution to your JD Edwards Archiving requirement.

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On-demand materials from InFocus Envision 2021

Catch up from InFocus Envision 2021

You may not have attended the Quest InFocus Envision event in April, but that's no problem!
We're taking this opportunity to share the archiving and data management materials from our virtual booth.

There's even a chance to win a prize!

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JD Edwards InFocus Envision Conference April 2021

InFocus Envision 2021

The show may have finished but there's still time to access the materials from our booth.

We're delighted to be supporting Quest JD Edwards activities throughout 2021.  Be sure to mark your calendar for part two of this Conference - InFocus Dive Deep in October...

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Purge-it Version 5 webinars with iSP3

Purge-it! Version 5 Webinars

Access this mini series of Purge-it! Webinars focused on Version 5

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Questions to ask when choosing a JD Edwards (JDE) data archiving solution

Know your JD Edwards Data Archiving Options Webinar

Your JD Edwards system has its own tools for managing and archiving data - but which option aligns with your company's data management goals?

Listen to this on demand Webinar for some functional answers!

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Purge-it! Version 5 Custom Module Interface for JD Edwards (JDE)

What’s new in Purge-it! Version 5

After a huge amount of development and testing work by our inhouse JD Edwards product team, we are delighted to be able to share full details of this latest major release with you.

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Purge-it! Version 5 for Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) Session Dashboard

Purge-it! Version 5.0 available for general release

“We proudly celebrated 15 years of Purge-it! in 2020. Version 5 reaffirms our continued commitment to advancing the Purge-it! experience for JD Edwards users into 2021 and beyond.”

Terry Clarke, CEO

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Purge-it! Customer Survey Results

Purge-it! Customer Survey Results

Thank you to all our customers who completed the Purge-it! survey.

We're delighted to share the results with you.

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JD Edwards Benelux Special Interest Group (SIG)

Data Management Webinar with Benelux JD Edwards SIG

Is Data Management & Interrogation taking up too much of your time & resource?

Learn about a new solution that can give better data visibility, improved data management and far greater data manipulation?  It happens to be low cost too!

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Steltix adds Purge-it! to its portfolio in all countries

Steltix adds Purge-it! to its portfolio for all countries

Read the full story with comments from Terry Clarke, CEO, Klik IT and Jan Jaap Weerstand, Managing Director, Steltix

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Purge-it! Customer Survey Results

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Purge-it! Customer Survey Results

- 95% - rated Purge-it! the most cost effective & easy to use solution on the market

- 20% - bought Purge-it! to replace a competitor product

- 76% - chose Purge-it! to avoid learning a third party product

- 85% - carry out annual or as required purges

- 95% - said they would purge as part of an upgrade, and 85% before the upgrade

Oracle database clean-up

How Purge-it! has directly benefited customers...in their words...


⇒  "Top benefit is it maintains integrity"

⇒  "Reduction in Cloud allocated storage space, and thus cost"

⇒  "Created a safe, efficient, and easy to use method for cleaning and moving our data."

⇒  "Improvement of batch processing of several business critical reports"

⇒  "Consistent repeatable process to archive the data and is now part of our Production run book"

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News Snapshot...

Top Purge-it! features ranked by our customers:

1.  Document level processing, ensuring data integrity within the module at all times

2.  Hard coded data integrity enforcement to minimize errors

3.  No table locks or system downtime

4.  The ability to easily reverse at any level

5.  Single process for purge, summarize and archive

6.  The audit reports and details for determining why transactions have not purged

7.  How Purge-it! looks, feels and works just like JD Edwards

8.  The ability to use the Custom Module to archive / purge other data

9.  That it is an Oracle Validated Integration

10. Overall ease of use

11. The out-of-the-box access to the archived data, from within Production

12. Platform Independence

13. Ability to choose the archive method - FYK tables to view archived data in Production, or use the standard file names

14. Dashboards for analyzing results and archive environment status (V4.27 & above)

15. The option to self install / self train / self operate

16. Ability to purge and archive between servers / platforms

Comments about Purge-it!

"Performance increases in both the ERP system and SQL applications"

"It has native JD Edwards objects and setup, and configuration is all within JD Edwards"

"It is great that the archived data is accessible within the Production environment"

"Quicker backups and restores"

"Increased processing speeds and database response/efficiencies"

100% said Purge-it! met or exceeded their expectations from a purge & archive solution.