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There is no better way to see whether a product can meet your specific requirements than viewing it in action and talking to the experts who know how to implement it.

Join us at a Conference or on a Webinar to find out why Purge-it! is not just a tool, it is a solution to your JD Edwards Archiving requirements.

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JD Edwards INFOCUS 2022 | Quest Virtual Conference | October 24 - 27 | Visit Klik IT

JD Edwards INFOCUS, October 24 - October 27, 2022

Join the Klik IT team at JD Edwards INFOCUS online.

Data Security, Data Retention and Data Compliance - some of the topics we'll be addressing during the conference.  We'll be showcasing a brand new version of Purge-it! - the Klik IT archiving solution.

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Purge-it! product demo | JD Edwards archiving | Choose a date that suits you

Purge-it! Product Demo

Missed the Purge-it! product demonstrations in July and August?  No problem.  Contact us to arrange a demonstration.  See how Purge-it! can tackle your organization's JD Edwards data archiving.

Choose a date that suits you.

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JD Edwards Data Compliance Webinar | Available on demand

Webinar - Data Compliance - available on demand

Discover how the new Data Compliance Module can help your organization proactively manage personal data in JD Edwards in line with data privacy rules and regulations.

Access the webinar presentation on demand.

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BLUEPRINT 4D Conference | May 8 - 11, 2023 | Dallas, TX

BLUEPRINT 4D 2023 - save the date

Quest has announced the date and location of the 2023 BLUEPRINT 4D Conference!

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Klik IT team at Quest BLUEPRINT 4D 2022 | Terry Clarke, Claudio Aru, Richard Wilde | Las Vegas

BLUEPRINT 4D...it's a wrap!

Thanks to the JD Edwards community and Quest Oracle community for a fantastic BLUEPRINT 4D Conference in Las Vegas!
After two long years since the last in person conference, this was a welcome chance to get together once again.
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JD Edwards Data Compliance Module | New Module!

Manage-it! has expanded | New Data Compliance Module

The Manage-it! suite of data management tools now includes The Data Compliance Module.

This announcement marks an expansion to the existing Manage-it! solution.

Read the full announcement to discover what this means for JD Edwards users...

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How to Minimize Risk of a Data Breach and Address Legal Compliance | Webinar | Available on demand

Minimize Risk of a Data Breach & Address Legal Compliance - available on demand

Listen to this 30 minute Webinar on demand with JDEMart and discover how to be proactive in your approach to JDE data security.

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Archiving as a Service Webinar | Available on demand

Webinar - Archiving as a Service - available on demand

Terry Clarke and Claudio Aru present this 60 minute Webinar about Archiving as a Service with JDEMart.

Listen on demand and discover the details behind the as a Service model for JD Edwards Archiving.

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JD Edwards Security and Data Retention Webinar

Webinar - Security & Data Retention - available on demand

Holding on to data in your JD Edwards system, that you don’t need to keep, or that you should not keep, can put your organization at risk.

In this 30min webinar, we share key considerations to developing a Data Retention Policy.

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JD Edwards Archive Automation Webinar | 8 March 2022

Webinar - Archive Automation - available on demand

Thanks to everyone who attended the live Webinar on 8th March with the French, Belgian and Italian Oracle User groups.

The recording of the Archive Automation webinar is available on YouTube.

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Purge-it! Customer Survey Results

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Purge-it! Customer Survey Results

- 95% - rated Purge-it! the most cost effective & easy to use solution on the market

- 20% - bought Purge-it! to replace a competitor product

- 76% - chose Purge-it! to avoid learning a third party product

- 85% - carry out annual or as required purges

- 95% - said they would purge as part of an upgrade, and 85% before the upgrade

Oracle database clean-up

How Purge-it! has directly benefited customers...in their words...


⇒  "Top benefit is it maintains integrity"

⇒  "Reduction in Cloud allocated storage space, and thus cost"

⇒  "Created a safe, efficient, and easy to use method for cleaning and moving our data."

⇒  "Improvement of batch processing of several business critical reports"

⇒  "Consistent repeatable process to archive the data and is now part of our Production run book"

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News Snapshot...

Top Purge-it! features ranked by our customers:

1.  Document level processing, ensuring data integrity within the module at all times

2.  Hard coded data integrity enforcement to minimize errors

3.  No table locks or system downtime

4.  The ability to easily reverse at any level

5.  Single process for purge, summarize and archive

6.  The audit reports and details for determining why transactions have not purged

7.  How Purge-it! looks, feels and works just like JD Edwards

8.  The ability to use the Custom Module to archive / purge other data

9.  That it is an Oracle Validated Integration

10. Overall ease of use

11. The out-of-the-box access to the archived data, from within Production

12. Platform Independence

13. Ability to choose the archive method - FYK tables to view archived data in Production, or use the standard file names

14. Dashboards for analyzing results and archive environment status (V4.27 & above)

15. The option to self install / self train / self operate

16. Ability to purge and archive between servers / platforms

Comments about Purge-it!

"Performance increases in both the ERP system and SQL applications"

"It has native JD Edwards objects and setup, and configuration is all within JD Edwards"

"It is great that the archived data is accessible within the Production environment"

"Quicker backups and restores"

"Increased processing speeds and database response/efficiencies"

100% said Purge-it! met or exceeded their expectations from a purge & archive solution.