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Wednesday 21 October
Breakout Session
60 Minutes  Session ID: 102510
Go ahead, put your feet up – Learn how La-Z-Boy archived 20TB of data easily, with Purge-it!

Presented by Justin Ellis, La-Z-Boy Incorporated, Russell Stainer, Klik IT

When you are manufacturing, selling, and distributing 40,000 chairs per week, each with over 200 parts, then your JD Edwards data can soon build up.  That’s what La-Z-Boy realized back in 2012, in their EnterpriseOne 9.0 system, which ultimately led them to purchase and implement the Purge-it! purging and archiving solution for JD Edwards.

Continually archiving since then, in a ‘little and often’ scheduled mode, La-Z-Boy have since upgraded to 9.1 and have archived over 20TB of data, with minimal effort, no system downtime and no impact to the Production system.

Join this session to hear from Justin Ellis, IT Manager – Supply Chain at La-Z-Boy, who will talk about La-Z-Boy’s continual archiving journey, the challenges they faced, how they overcame them, and about their experiences with the Purge-it! product and with Klik IT.  Go ahead, put your feet up, and see how La-Z-Boy’s continual archiving process enables them to “Live life comfortably”.

Session Objectives:

  • Showcasing a real customer who uses a continual archiving process to maintain the health and data integrity of their JD Edwards system, using minimal internal effort, and not relying on external consultants to perform their archiving.
  • Detailing the process of: identification of need; review and selection of a suitable product; implementation; catch-up, and on-going archiving.  Also identifying the best practices learnt throughout the process, and any challenges encountered.
  • Showing the benefits achieved through continual archiving, both for IT and for the business, and the potential problems and costs that would have been incurred, if the archiving of the JD Edwards system had not been performed.
Unleash the Power of Power Forms, Tab Controls and Graph Controls. One of JDE’s Best Kept Secrets!
Presented by Richard Wilde, Klik IT
Thursday 22nd October
Workshop 60 Minutes
Session ID: 102670

While Power Forms, Tab Controls and Graph Controls have been available for some time in JDE, not many applications take full advantage of their power and capabilities.

Come and see a demonstration of how to develop Power Forms with both Tab Controls and Graph Controls and see some real life examples of their uses. 

Session Objectives:

  • Understand what can be achieved with Power Forms, Tab Controls and Graph Controls. 
  • See how easy it is to develop professional-looking PowerForms.

Purge-it! World live demo - the only JD Edwards World-specific archiving solution

Presented by Russell Stainer, Klik IT

Thursday 22nd October
Breakout Session 15 Minutes
Session ID: 103000

 In this live demo, you will see the only purging and archiving solution that is specifically designed for JD Edwards World. Packed with JD Edwards-specific functionality and automations, Purge-it! does the hard work so that you don't have to.

Four levels of data integrity checking, ensure that each document is successfully validated before it is archived.  Documents are also archived as a whole, so that you don’t get any part-purged documents.

All of that validation creates document-level auditing, which is great for internal or external auditors, and shows which documents have been archived, which haven’t, and if they haven’t, WHY they haven’t.

One step processes, anytime cancellation, full reversal options, and simple configuration with Data Selection and Processing Options, are just some of the other great features of Purge-it! World.

Come along and spend the most productive 15 minutes of your day.

Session Objectives:

  • Deliver an end-to-end Purge-it! World demonstration
  • Show the only JD Edwards World archiving solution that automatically maintains the data integrity of your documents
  • Demonstrate the ease of use of the product, which does not rely on external consultants in order for you to be able to use it


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