Purge-it! Version 5 - the details

What’s new in Purge-it! Version 5

Custom Module

Version 5.0 has seen a fundamental rewrite of the Purge-it! Custom Module interface.  By focusing on a Powerform and Dashboard approach, this latest release delivers a superior user experience that is easy to navigate but delivers powerful results.

  1. Custom Module Dashboard (New!)

A completely new addition for Version 5, the Custom Module Dashboard brings all the benefits users are familiar with from the session dashboards but with even greater functionality.

Purge-it! Version 5 Custom Module Dashboard


  1. Custom Module – extra selection operands (New!)

The extra selection operands provide users with far greater opportunities to dig deeper and more precisely when interrogating their JD Edwards data from within Purge-it!

Purge-it! Version 5 Custom Module.  Extra selection operands

  1. Custom Module Extension Pack (Significant upgrade)

The Custom Module Extension Pack enables Purge-it! to be used for archiving projects that extend far beyond the standard JD Edwards tables.

Version 5 boasts 140 pre-defined schedules that target over 400 tables.  This means Purge-it! is now equipped to address data management challenges across even more areas in JD Edwards.

  1. Enhanced Dashboards

Building on the Session Dashboard concept that was first introduced in Version 4.03, Version 5 sees significant additions to the interface and a complete reorganization of the visuals.

Tabs are now used to create a much flatter user interface and to negate the time-consuming requirement to constantly switch back and forth between screens.

 Purge-it! Version 5 Enhance Session Dashboard


Each of the tabs is designed to provide insightful information on the status of the archiving activity.

For example:

  • Run Status now includes a progress bar so that you can quickly see the percentage of work completed and an estimated finish time.
  • Email notifications allow users to receive automated messages when an archive job is complete with the results of the job.
  1. Cancellations

Warning message boxes appear on archive jobs that are cancelled immediately.  Archive jobs with a pending future cancellation are highlighted on the Session Dashboard and there is also the ability to remove an active cancellation request (in other words, users can cancel a cancel!)

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