Purge-it! Product Services

Klik IT Archiving and Data Management for JD Edwards

Purge-it! Product Services


Product Services ensures Purge-it! is installed, configured and implemented correctly for your organization.

With more than 200 Purge-it! customers around the world, we have considerable experience in running Archive and Purge projects across a vast range of industries.

Who better to help you implement your JD Edwards archiving than Klik IT?

We are ready to support you and your organization with your Purge-it! project.

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Purge it! Product Services installs, configures and implements Purge-it! for your organization
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One of Purge‐it!’s top USPs, according to our customers and partners around the world, is its ease of use; it can be implemented with minimal and in some cases no consultancy.

As part of the Product Services offering, Klik IT performs the initial configuration of the software and delivers the product training.

Following this, more than half of our clients choose to complete the software implementation themselves.
However, other customers decide on Product Services Consultancy from Klik IT as part of the product implementation.

Why customers opt for Product Services Consultancy:

  • For JD Edwards archiving and purging advice and guidance

  • There is an urgent requirement with tight deadlines

  • Lack of available inhouse resource to focus on the implementation

  • Archiving and purging is a new initiative and there is a preference to leave it to Klik IT's specialists

  • To ensure there is an expert to call on with questions and queries.

Whether to take extra Product Services Consultancy whilst implementing Purge‐it! depends on each client's preference and the way the implementation of Purge‐it! software is to be completed.

Don't kick your JD Edwards data management discussion into the long grass for another day.  Act now and get archiving!

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A helping hand from the JD Edwards archiving experts.


Maintaining and servicing the data in your JD Edwards system is vitally important.  It is likely to reduce storage costs and processor power, allow your company to benefit from faster ERP upgrades and make test environment data refreshes far easier.  Not to mention the day-to-day improvements that your system users and IT department will experience.

However, we understand and appreciate that your organization may need additional support with archiving your JD Edwards data.

You may be facing resourcing challenges, your IT team may not have the required knowledge and expertise at this time.

Whatever the reason, Purge-it! Product Services has been designed to support JD Edwards customers with the entire archiving (and if appropriate purging) project lifecycle.

Each company has a unique data set and different requirements that need to be met.  This information is designed to give you an overview of our services, but to find out, in more detail, how we can help you and your organization, get in touch

At Klik IT we’ve worked in data archiving for many many years, and we've worked with JD Edwards for even longer!
Our experience is extensive, so reach out and find out how we can help you address your archiving and data management challenges.

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What to expect from Product Services


Immediately following your purchase of Purge‐it! a client manager is assigned to you.

Your Client Manager oversees the software installation, training, configuration, and implementation through to first use in your Production environment.

Guiding you through the process...

A successful archive and purge project involves more than configuring the software and running it.

It's crucial to consider the project lifecycle process.
This typically includes the following tasks:

  • Formulate and agree the archive requirement with your JD Edwards business users - commonly referred to as a Data Retention Policy.

Depending on your company's situation, you may decide to opt for a formal approach to developing a meaningful Data Retention Policy.
Alternatively, some organizations prefer to keep this step more informal.
We can happily provide guidance and support around this.

  • Configure the archive routines and run the process in QA

  • User sign off in QA


  • Promote the process to Production
  • Configure the archive routines and run the process in Production

  • User sign off in Production

  • Report results

Klik IT's Product Services fully supports your organization with the project lifecycle process.

In addition, our Customer Knowledge Base contains information and documents designed to help ensure a successful archive project:

- Project task lists

- User questionnaires

- Data Retention Policy template with guidance

and much more...

The Customer Knowledge Base is available to all Klik IT customers on maintenance.

Klik IT's Product Services begin the archive process with an initial meeting.  In this meeting, we set and agree the timescales for the project, the resources that are likely to be required and we go through the different responsibilities for project tasks.

The Client Manager will also act as your Project Manager so that you have a consistent point of contact overseeing your archive project.
This person will be responsible for implementing the approach
(on the Klik IT side) that has been defined and agreed.