About us

Tackle the JD Edwards Data Tangle with Purge-it! from Klik IT

About us

Established in 1998, Klik IT specialises in Archiving and Data Management solutions for JD Edwards.

Our flagship product, Purge-it!, is the only archiving product  designed specifically for JD Edwards that has been developed within the toolset; simple to set up and easy to use.
Manage-it! allows users to take control of their JD Edwards environment via a flexible, visual tool that provides a unique insight into the system.
Based near London in the UK but with clients worldwide, Klik IT strives to provide the highest level of quality in all its solutions.
JD Edwards Oracle database optimisations

Our philosophy: To be client and service focused

By working hand in hand with our clients we have accumulated an enviable level of knowledge and experience.  Our clients include some of the largest users of JD Edwards in the world.
Ultimately every company is judged by their customers;  they will not stay if service levels are poor.
This is why our main ambition at Klik IT is to ensure all our customers are happy and they would not hesitate to recommend us or our partners.


The story so far...

Klik IT specialises in Archiving and Data Management solutions for JD Edwards.  Klik IT is based near London in the UK.


Klik IT starts life as a JD Edwards consultancy
Klik IT Archiving and Data Management for JD Edwards (JDE) OneWorld


Purge-it! for OneWorld launches
Klik IT is an Oracle partner


Oracle partner status achieved
Purge-it! The only archiving product natively built within the JD Edwards (JDE) framework


Purge-it! for EnterpriseOne launches
Manage-it! JD Edwards Environment Dashboard


Manage-it! data management tools launch
Archiving as a Service. Fully managed JD Edwards archiving and data management service


Archiving as a Service launches
Purge-it! Version 5 for Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) Session Dashboard


Purge-it! Version 5 available


JDE Data Compliance Module launches


Celebrating 25 years of JDE business!
Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World


Purge-it! Release 5.1 available.
Oracle database clean-up

Reasons to choose Klik IT

Don't just take our word for it...

We'll happily put you in touch with our customers so you can ask them about their experience of working with us and using our products and services.

Without satisfied customers no business can thrive, especially in the close knit JD Edwards market.

At Klik IT we strive to deliver an excellent product and a high-quality service to ensure our customers are not just happy with our work but that we have exceeded their expectations.

Klik IT is a leader in archiving solutions. Our Purge-it! software remains the only archiving and purging solution that is specifically designed for JD Edwards.
Klik IT provides consultancy services, product development & implementation services and training & support services to clients around the world.

Continuous product development and enhancement is at the heart of Klik IT.

We are committed to delivering an increasingly enriched user experience in line with the latest developments in JD Edwards.

Customers are everything...