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What is JD Edwards Archiving as a Service?

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JD Edwards Archiving as a Service

What is JD Edwards Archiving as a Service?

JD Edwards Archiving as a Service delivers all the benefits of a traditional JDE archiving project but you don’t need to purchase the archiving software upfront and the entire archiving project is managed on your behalf.

How can Archiving as a Service help your organization?

You may be experiencing reluctance from certain parts of your organization to commit to a JDE archiving project. Archiving as a Service can help overcome some of the business hurdles you may be facing.

5 common reasons for delaying JDE data archiving

  1. We don’t have the budget to spend on software to support archiving.
  2. We don’t have sufficient time to analyse the requirement and evaluate products offerings.
  3. We don’t have the in-house knowledge to run a JD Edwards data archive project.
  4. We don’t have the in-house technical knowledge to set up an archive or to determine the best approach to JDE data archiving.
  5. We are struggling to get the business buy-in to develop a data retention policy to support the JDE archive process.

The benefits of JD Edwards Archiving as a Service

  • Fast delivery of JDE archiving, an essential data management activity.
  • No need for training or learning about data archiving or the JDE archiving solution.
  • JD Edwards archiving specialists review your JDE data and work with you to develop a meaningful data retention policy.
  • Enables legal compliance with data legislation.
  • Archive access configuration is performed as part of Archiving as a Service.
  • Free up IT staff from the data archiving project to work on more visible tasks.
  • No up-front software costs.

How does Archiving as a Service work?

  • All JD Edwards archiving activities are performed through the Purge-it! archiving solution.
  • The data archiving is run by specialists with a huge breadth and depth of JDE knowledge and experience.
  • All archiving with the Purge-it! archiving software is fully audited and reversible.
  • Archived data is fully accessible in your archive database either via access to a new archive environment or through Purge-it! applications direct from your Production environment.
  • Statistical analysis and archive activity are available through powerful EnterpriseOne dashboards. The reporting dashboards keep you fully informed.

Comparing the costs of JD Edwards Archiving.

The 3 charts below show the traditional JDE Data Archiving pricing model versus JDE Archiving as a Service pricing model.

Traditional JDE Data Archiving model

The two slides below show the pricing models for a 'DIY' data archiving project and an 'Outsourced' project.

In both cases, there's a spike in costs at the outset of the project for the purchase of the data archiving product (shown by the blue bar in Year 1).

Additional costs for both traditional data archiving projects include charges for Services (shown by the grey bar below) and Annual Maintenance (shown in orange).

As you would expect, service charges are higher for the 'Outsourced' data archiving project.  

Comparison of JDE archiving costs

JDE data archiving cost comparisons

Comparison of JDE archiving costs

The 'comparison of models' chart above illustrates how the costs of data archiving are spread evenly across the time period with Archiving as a Service.

With Archiving as a Service, there is a single consistent cost.  This includes use of the data archiving product, annual maintenance and services.  There is no large upfront expense. Instead there are multiple lower charges spread across the time frame that you select for your organization.

A flexible approach to JD Edwards data archiving

Access a service plan that suits your individual company needs.

  • You may be new to JDE data archiving
  • You may be an existing Purge-it! customer
  • You may want to switch from your current archiving product

Whatever your JDE archiving situation, there is an Archiving as a Service plan to suit.  Check out full details on our data archiving product pages.

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Comparison of Data Archiving costs

Archiving as a Service

  • Costs of data archiving are spread evenly across the time period selected.
  • Single annual cost.
  • Includes use of the data archiving product, annual maintenance and services.
  • No large upfront expense with Archiving as a Service.

Comparison of JD Edwards data archiving price models


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