JD Edwards Development Services

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JD Edwards Development Services


Do you need development work to be completed but find that you don't have the resource available?

Klik IT is a dedicated JD Edwards business, proud to deliver quality and personal service across our portfolio.

Whether you require 1/2 a day's consultancy, 100 days or a different timescale, we have an established process that can meet your business needs in a cost-effective manner.

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Our focus is on delivery, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Many companies supply Consulting and Development for the JD Edwards market - that's true - but what's also true is that a large number of these same companies are geared towards bigger projects, for example implementations and upgrades.

We've noticed that companies need support with smaller projects that are also important and can make a big difference to an organization.

Ask yourself, if you need to develop a report which may require a couple of days work by an expert and you want to fix the cost, would you go to a large consultancy? Would you experience a dedicated quality service?

In this situation, it would be like going to a major house builder and engaging them to change a faulty tap or replace your floor.
The problem is that the cost is likely to be a premium based purely on their name and overheads.

So, next time you need some development, change your mindset, use Klik IT to deliver your requirement and not just a resource that you have to manage yourself.

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More about Klik IT's development services.

⇒  Geared towards delivering smaller projects.

⇒  A Project Manager is assigned for all work to ensure delivery and quality meet expectations.

⇒  Can be Fixed Price* or Time and Materials.
Ensuring budget is not overrun.

⇒  All Klik IT resource has extensive experience in JD Edwards.

⇒  All work is performed remotely either on Klik IT’s systems or on the client’s system.

⇒  Klik IT has a get the job done mentality.
Our focus is on delivery, quality, and customer satisfaction.

⇒  Special introductory offer for first development at 50% reduction. **

Why you should have confidence in Klik IT to deliver.


Because we have:

  • a proven process for delivery.

  • a 'can-do' mentality.
    We do not procrastinate on the job.  We look for the simplest, most effective solution and make it happen.

  • a highly skilled and experienced team of JD Edwards specialists, with knowledge in EnterpriseOne and World.

  • permanent staff supplying the resource for your project.

  • a cost-effective pricing structure that ensures Klik IT delivers value as well as quality at all times.

  • a focus on forming personal relationships with our clients.
    This enhances and often quickens the development cycle.
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Klik IT has operated in the JD Edwards marketplace since 1998.

Our continued success is based on the quality of service and personal approach we bring to every business partnership.

  • We do not over-engineer the solution to your JD Edwards requirement.

  • We do not have unnecessary layers of administration and bureaucracy that often comes with large consultancy houses.


At Klik IT, no project is too small.

Whether it is ½ day or 100 days Klik IT has a proven process to deliver your requirement in a cost‐effective manner.

Do some or all of these apply to your business?


  • You have a requirement in JD Edwards?

  • You do not have the available resource to complete the task(s)?

  • Delay would affect your business?

  • It is costing you money or causing your business to function inefficiently?

  • Business pressures demand a cost-effective solution?

Having operated in the JD Edwards Services market for over twenty years, we know this is a common situation for many companies running JD Edwards.

Whether you have an internal IT team capable of doing the development or not, you might be in a position where you need to engage external resource to complete your outstanding development.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your organization with your JD Edwards development requirement.