Archiving [as a Service]

Klik IT Archiving and Data Management for JD Edwards

Archiving as a Service

Fully managed Archiving & Data Management


All archive activities are performed using the industry leading Purge-it! software by JD Edwards archiving specialists.


Enables fast delivery of an essential business activity

Archiving as a Service. Fully managed JD Edwards archiving and data management service
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What is JD Edwards Archiving as a Service?

A fully managed archiving and data management service delivered by JD Edwards archiving specialists, designed to extend the life of your JD Edwards system and the hardware that it is running on


Why could Archiving as a Service benefit you?

Many companies are now choosing to consume software using the As a Service model.  This may be for many reasons, from simply the way that you wish to account for software within your company, to a lack for resource, and/or knowledge of how to run an archiving project!

So how does JD Edwards Archiving as a Service help? 

  • Avoid upfront software costs
  • Delivered using the As a Service model - may not require Capital Expenditure
  • Archiving specialists will review your data and work with you to develop a meaningful Data Retention Policy for your business
  • No in-house knowledge acquisition or training required
  • Archive environment configuration is performed as part of the Service
  • Legal compliance with data legislation is enabled
  • No need to allocate staff or resource to the archiving project
  • IT resource is free to focus on more visible business tasks


So if you just want to 'get the job done', then maybe Klik IT's Archiving as a Service is just what you need.


Already a Purge-it! customer?

If you are already a Purge-it! customer and want to swap to our As a Service model, don’t worry, we have plans to suit both new and existing customers

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Archiving as a Service includes:

Klik IT's dedicated team of JD Edwards archiving specialists have over 200 Purge-it! installations and projects behind them.  During which they have gained a wealth of information on how to run a purge and archive project.  

If you purchase our Archiving as a Service product, you will have one of our experienced team members as your dedicated Client Manager.  They will work with you to help define your data retention policy, install configure and run Purge-it!, and make sure the activities are kept going, year on year.


Using Klik IT's Archiving as a Service you will benefit from:

  • Access to Purge-it! the archiving software solution
  • Implementation and configuration of your archive system
  • Delivery of a Data Retention Policy specific to your organization
  • Regular archiving processes
  • Statistical analysis & archive activity available through powerful EnterpriseOne Management Dashboards to keep you fully informed of all activities



Klik IT Product Support Desk

And the support doesn't end there.  At all times you will have access to the Klik IT product support desk.


Selecting the best plan for your business

Archiving as a Services is available in different pricing plans to suit your company's needs.

Whether you are an existing Purge-it! user, don't have an archiving solution, or want to switch from your current product, we have a plan for your business.

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All our plans include the following as standard: Use of Purge-itl software. Perpetual licenses. Functional support. User manual. Knowledge base. Dedicated Client Project Manager. Remote services. Technical support. Scoping & definition workshop. Dashboards.

Plan Basic Sustaining Advanced Professional Enterprise
Database Size < 1TB < 1TB < 1TB < 2TB < 5TB
Monthly Fee:
399 199 599 799 1049
Additional Features:          
Purge-it! Installation & Configuration 1
Purge-it! Training / Support/Annual Update 2 2 2 2
Archiving in PD  
Core JD Edwards Modules Archiving  
Best Practice, Catch-up & Scheduled Archiving  
Active Monitoring  
Archiving in PY    
Live Software Updates / Catch-up Reporting    
Annual Review Workshop     3 3
Manual, Tailored & Custom Archiving      
Archive, Catch-up & Scheduled Purging      
Quarterly Review Workshops      
New JD Edwards Releases      
JD Edwards Release Upgrade Package        
Data Fixing /Manual Purging / Ongoing Reporting      

Contact us for a plan to meet your individual needs
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