Manage-it! has expanded | New Data Compliance Module

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Live Purge-it! product demo | JD Edwards archiving | Choose a date that suits you

Live Purge-it! Product Demos

You're invited!  Join a live Purge-it! product demonstration in July or August to see how Purge-it! can tackle your organization's JD Edwards data archiving.

Choose the date that suits you.

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Live Data Compliance Webinar | June 28 or July 12 2022

Join the live Data Compliance Webinar

Register your place for this live Manage-it! webinar.

Discover how The new Data Compliance Module can help your organization proactively manage personal data in line with data privacy rules and regulations.

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Klik IT team at Quest BLUEPRINT 4D 2022 | Terry Clarke, Claudio Aru, Richard Wilde | Las Vegas

BLUEPRINT's a wrap!

Thanks to the JD Edwards community and Quest Oracle community for a fantastic BLUEPRINT 4D Conference in Las Vegas!
After two long years since the last in person conference, this was a welcome chance to get together once again.
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JD Edwards Data Compliance Module | New Module!

Manage-it! has expanded | New Data Compliance Module

The Manage-it! suite of data management tools now includes The Data Compliance Module.

This announcement marks an expansion to the existing Manage-it! solution.

Read the full announcement to discover what this means for JD Edwards users...

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How to Minimize Risk of a Data Breach and Address Legal Compliance | Webinar | Available on demand

Minimize Risk of a Data Breach & Address Legal Compliance - Available on demand

Listen to this 30 minute Webinar on demand with JDEMart and discover how to be proactive in your approach to JDE data security.

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Archiving as a Service Webinar | Available on demand

Webinar - Archiving as a Service - available on demand

Terry Clarke and Claudio Aru present this 60 minute Webinar about Archiving as a Service with JDEMart.

Listen on demand and discover the details behind the as a Service model for JD Edwards Archiving.

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JD Edwards Security and Data Retention Webinar

Webinar - Security & Data Retention - available on demand

Holding on to data in your JD Edwards system, that you don’t need to keep, or that you should not keep, can put your organization at risk.

In this 30min webinar, we share key considerations to developing a Data Retention Policy.

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JD Edwards Archive Automation Webinar | 8 March 2022

Webinar - Archive Automation - available on demand

Thanks to everyone who attended the live Webinar on 8th March with the French, Belgian and Italian Oracle User groups.

The recording of the Archive Automation webinar is available on YouTube.

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Klik IT Insights | Newsletter | A short digest of news & updates for JD Edwards' Users

Insights Newsletter | April 2022

Welcome to Klik IT Insights. The newsletter for JD Edwards' Users.

A short digest of news and updates relating to archiving and data management.

Check out our latest edition and sign up to receive Insights directly into your inbox.

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Quest JD Edwards Week 2022 | Recordings available

JD Edwards Week 2022 - recordings available

Did you miss JD Edwards Week?
Quest members can access the session recordings on the Quest Oracle Community website.
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Manage-it! has expanded | New Data Compliance Module

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JD Edwards Data Compliance Module | New Module!

Klik IT announces expansion of the Manage-it! solution

31 May 2022

The Manage-it! suite of data management tools now includes The Data Compliance Module.

Designed and developed by Klik IT’s inhouse JD Edwards team, the new module sits alongside the existing Data Copying Module and the Environment Monitoring tools that make up Manage-it!

The Data Compliance Module addresses the management of personal data in JD Edwards systems in line with data privacy regulations and legislation.  The new module enables organizations to proactively manage personal data and comply with global data privacy laws.

Personal data is often stored in the Address Book of a JD Edwards system.  Personal data may also be held in other parts of an ERP system.

With the Data Compliance Module, an organization can anonymize and if required, remove personal data once that data is no longer needed, under rules defined by the business, specific to industry and location.

Automated processes are an integral part of the new module; an organization’s personal data (that is stored in its JD Edwards system) is continuously monitored and checked.  Functionality in the Data Compliance Module flags any breach of compliance rules.  The individual records or groups of data that breach compliance rules can be obfuscated and when appropriate removed.

The engine room of the Data Compliance Module is the Workbench.  From here, an organization establishes, manages and monitors its data compliance processes.  The Workbench is where groups of data, data categories and retention rules specific to geography and industry are set up.

Additional features of the new Manage-it! module include:

  • Data Search to satisfy personal information requests
  • Full audit trail of all changes made to data.

As Manage-it! grows its capabilities, all the data management tools comprised within it continue to be designed for easy access by non-technical and technical JD Edwards users alike.

For further information email

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News Snapshot...


“Data privacy legislation varies between industries and across geographies. GDPR, PIPEDA and CCPA are some of the global regulations.

Given the broad landscape of rules and legislation, we built the Manage-it! Compliance Module to be powerful and flexible.

JD Edwards users reported a requirement for better data management around the area of compliance. This input from the JDE community combined with Klik IT’s JDE knowledge has led us to launch the new module.”

Terry Clarke, CEO Klik IT


The Data Compliance Module

The new module enables organizations to proactively manage personal data and comply with global data privacy laws.


Discover more on our Compliance page