How do you Move a Mountain of JD Edwards data?

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JD Edwards Data Archiving webinar | Discover Purge-it!

You're invited! Join one of our October Purge-it! webinars

Join one of our October Purge-it! webinars to find out more about this unique data archiving software.

Register today!

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A great in person INFOCUS conference!

What a wonderful few days in Denver with the JD Edwards community.

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Klik IT at BLUEPRINT 4D 2023 Conference | JD Edwards archiving solution Purge-it!

BLUEPRINT 4D 2023. It's a wrap!

What a wonderful few days with the JD Edwards community at BP4D in Dallas!

So what's next?  Did you miss one of our sessions or not get time to drop by the booth?  Did you not come to BP4D this time?  There's lots of ways to connect...

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Klik IT celebrates 25 years of JD Edwards business

Celebrating 25 years in business

2023 marks the anniversary of 25 years since Klik IT was founded.

Stay tuned for celebrations throughout the year...

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Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World

Purge-it! Release 5.1 announced

Release 5.1 of Purge-it! provides extended support for JD Edwards Media Objects.

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Purge-it! product demo | JD Edwards archiving | Choose a date that suits you

Purge-it! Product Demo

Missed the Purge-it! product demonstrations in July and August?  No problem.  Contact us to arrange a demonstration.  See how Purge-it! can tackle your organization's JD Edwards data archiving.

Choose a date that suits you.

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JD Edwards Data Compliance Webinar | Available on demand

Webinar - Data Compliance - available on demand

Discover how the new Data Compliance Module can help your organization proactively manage personal data in JD Edwards in line with data privacy rules and regulations.

Access the webinar presentation on demand.

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JD Edwards Data Compliance Module | New Module!

Manage-it! has expanded | New Data Compliance Module

The Manage-it! suite of data management tools now includes The Data Compliance Module.

This announcement marks an expansion to the existing Manage-it! solution.

Read the full announcement to discover what this means for JD Edwards users...

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How to Minimize Risk of a Data Breach and Address Legal Compliance | Webinar | Available on demand

Minimize Risk of a Data Breach & Address Legal Compliance - available on demand

Listen to this 30 minute Webinar on demand with JDEMart and discover how to be proactive in your approach to JDE data security.

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Archiving as a Service Webinar | Available on demand

Webinar - Archiving as a Service - available on demand

Terry Clarke and Claudio Aru present this 60 minute Webinar about Archiving as a Service with JDEMart.

Listen on demand and discover the details behind the as a Service model for JD Edwards Archiving.

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How do you Move a Mountain of JD Edwards data?

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Automate your JD Edwards Archiving | Move the Mountain

Companies spend years and in some cases, decades filling up their ERP systems with data.  This process continues day after day, week after week etc.

What is the solution to efficiently managing the archiving of your company’s JD Edwards data?

Automation, Automation, Automation!

Set it and forget it!

How does Archive Automation work?

Each day, your organization adds one day of data to its ERP system.  With archive automation, we work with you to set up multiple standalone archive jobs that each remove small amounts of data.  These regular scheduled jobs remove the data that has been added to your system that day plus a little more data from previous years.

Using the Purge-it! software, archive jobs can be set up to remove one day of data from one year ago, one day of data from two years ago and so on.  Essentially, ten jobs can be configured to remove one day of data from one year ago up to ten years.

The Purge-it! archive jobs are individual, standalone processes for each module that can be added to the JDE scheduler.  The ‘Date Offset’ functionality within Purge-it! means the dates move with time.  Once the parameters are set then no manual intervention is required.

‘Date Offsets’ are dynamic dates that automatically recalculate.  The starting position of the dates can be altered according to your business requirements e.g., end of month, end of year, fiscal period, fiscal year etc.  From your chosen point, you then offset for a specified number of days, months, years, fiscal periods etc.

What are the benefits for your business?

Archive Automation is well suited to JD Edwards systems that are loaded with data and under pressure.  Moving your mountain of data ‘one stone at a time’ is non-invasive.

There is no system downtime.  Month, quarter and year end processes are unaffected. System maintenance is not impacted.  The release schedule continues as planned.  Data is removed from your JD Edwards system at a faster rate than it is added.

Gradually and steadily your JD Edwards system will speed up.  Users will notice that reports are running faster.  The user experience will be greatly enhanced.

Automation will free up resource and expertise.  Not only will the task of archiving be in hand but also your JD Edwards system will be responding well to its users.  Individuals will be able to focus on value-add tasks within your organization that benefit more from human judgement, thinking and intervention.

The overall health and performance of your ERP system will improve noticeably with quantifiable benefits. 

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⇒  Archive Automation is straightforward to set up and easy to achieve.

⇒  Suitable for existing Purge-it! users and for organizations new to archiving.

⇒  Register your interest in the Archive Automation video presentation
by CEO Terry ClarkeWe'll send you the link.


How can you monitor progress?

Intuitive Dashboards are a common feature across Klik IT solutions.

Purge-it! Dashboards enable fast and easy access to progress reports and charts.

Purge-it! is accessed from within your JDE system so you can quickly see the status of your archiving and purging activity.


Archive Automation Case Study

The Journey to fully automated purging and archiving

La-Z-Boy already owned Purge-it! but the game changer for them was the introduction of dynamic Date Offsets which enabled much more automation of the process.

Read the full La-Z-Boy Case Study →


Archive Automation Whitepaper

Discover the details behind Archive Automation for JD Edwards in our latest Whitepaper.

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Archive Automation for JD Edwards

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