30 features of Data Archiving with Purge-it!

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Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World

What is Purge-it?

Find out all about Purge-it.  How it works, who it's for and what it offers JD Edwards users

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Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World

30 features of Data Archiving with Purge-it!

Discover the top 30 features of data archiving with Purge-it! that make it a truly easy product to implement.

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8 reasons to automate your JD Edwards archiving

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Purge-it! archiving product integrated into JD Edwards

What is meant by an integrated JD Edwards archiving solution?

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Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World

Find out which version of Purge-it! your organization is running

Make sure your organization is maximizing its use of the archiving solution Purge-it!  Find out which software version you have.  Discover the latest product enhancements and new Purge-it! features and functionality.

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30 features of Data Archiving with Purge-it!

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Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World

Archiving your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World ERP system may be a hot topic in your organization or it may be brought up infrequently. Whichever camp you fall into, there is no doubt that removing the quantity of data in your JD Edwards ERP is beneficial.

We've set out the top 30 features of archiving with Purge-it!

  1. Purge-it! is the only JD Edwards specific data archiving solution. Designed within the JD Edwards Toolset for simplicity and maximum data integrity.

  2. An off-the-shelf solution with hundreds of users worldwide, backed up by dedicated Support and R&D teams, and with comprehensive end-user documentation.

  3. Purge-it! is designed, built and supported by JD Edwards experts, with a holistic design approach across the entire system.

  4. Data processed by Purge-it! is archived by default, with easy access to the archived data.

  5. Purge-it! can purge data from the archive, when your Data Retention Policy requires it.

  6. Data is archived at document level, maintaining the data integrity of whole Orders or whole Batches.

  7. Purge-it! activities are fully audited down to the individual transaction level, recording success or failure of archiving, with full error reporting at the individual transaction level.

  8. Hard- and soft-coded validations protect the data integrity of the documents, and provide flexibility in configuration.

  9. The standard JD Edwards method of bulk processing data is used. UBE processes run under the hood of JD Edwards.

  10. Standard JD Edwards Batch Versions, Processing Options and Data Selection are used for easy configuration.

  11. There is a single job for each of the archive routines, coded with C Master BSFN's for speed and efficiency.

  12. Purge-it! is a programmed solution. It can make intelligent decisions at individual transactional level. It is NOT bulk SQL SELECT and DELETE statements.

  13. Purge-it! runs and is managed within Work with Submitted Jobs, with summary PDF output.

  14. Purge-it! runs 100% of the time the JD Edwards system is online and operational, enabling full 24/7/365 operation of the archiving solution.

  15. Purge-it! error reporting shows why individual transactions weren’t archived, with full cause and resolution help text.
  16. Purge-it! is low risk, with static UBE and C code.

  17. Purge-it! has controlled flexibility via specifically designed Processing Options.

  18. Summarisation occurs within the Purge-it! archive routines, on a record by record basis.

  19. Un-summarisation occurs within the reversal routines, on a record by record basis.

  20. Purge-it! has the ability to cancel mid-‘archive routine’, whilst still maintaining full data integrity of all documents.
  21. Purge-it! requires no manual data integrity checking of documents after processing.

  22. The standard JD Edwards installation method is used for Purge-it! i.e. ASU's and ESU's.

  23. Standard JD Edwards security applies to Purge-it!

  24. Standard JD Edwards Database Data Sources and OCMs are used to archive between locations and platforms when using Purge-it!

  25. Purge-it! has a choice of using either a separate archive environment, or accessing the archived data from within the Production environment.

  26. Standard JD Edwards Task Views and Tasks are used to access Purge-it! from within the JD Edwards system.

  27. The Purge-it! Environment dashboard allows you to monitor your environment growth and archive activities all from within a standard JD Edward application.

  28. The standard JD Edwards Scheduler can be used to run the routines in "unattended mode" also known as Archive Automation.

  29. Purge-it! Date Offsets allow dynamic calculation of archiving dates, providing a "fire and forget" solution on the JD Edwards Scheduler.

  30. Purge-it! has intuitive Dashboards for monitoring all your archiving activities, allowing you to analyse results and take action. The Dashboards enable active data management.

In summary, Purge-it! does the hard work so you don't have to.

Reach out to set up a product demo.  See how Purge-it! can support data archiving for your organization.

Archive your JD Edwards data with Purge-it!

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