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Catch up with the latest news from Klik IT.

There is no better way to see whether a product can meet your specific requirements than actually viewing it in action and talking to the experts who know how to implement it.

Join us at a forthcoming Conference or on a Webinar to find out why Purge-it! is not just a tool, it is a solution to your JD Edwards Archiving requirement.

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INFOCUS Dive Deep | Virtual Conference | October 18 - 21, 2021

INFOCUS Dive Deep | Live this week!

IFDD has started!

We are running presentations in our booth and in the main conference each day.  Come join us and chat to the Klik IT team.

Don't forget to play Quest-opoly too!

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Purge-it! The only archiving product natively built within the JD Edwards (JDE) framework

Oracle Validated Integration for Purge-it! 5.01

September 2021 – Klik IT Ltd, a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expertise for its integration of Purge-it! 5.01

Read the full press release

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Klik IT Insights | Newsletter | A short digest of news & updates for JD Edwards' Users

Insights Newsletter | October 2021 | #IFDD

Welcome to Klik IT Insights - our newsletter for JD Edwards' Users.

A short digest of news and updates relating to archiving and data management.

Check out our latest edition and sign up to receive Insights directly into your inbox.

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Webinar - Automation

Listen to the Archive Automation Webinar on demand at a time that suits you.

Discover what Archive Automation is all about and get your questions answered by Terry Clarke, CEO.

Whether you’re new to JD Edwards archiving or an existing Purge-it! customer, Archive Automation is suitable for you.

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BLUEPRINT 4D...the global Oracle customer event

BLUEPRINT 4D, the global Oracle customer event, is taking place in Las Vegas and online June 6-9th, 2022.

The hybrid event format is designed to provide an optimal experience for customer participation and engagement both in person and digitally for a truly global event.

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Automate your JD Edwards Archiving | Move the Mountain

How do you Move a Mountain of JD Edwards data?

Make time your friend not your enemy.  Set up JD Edwards Archive Automation with Purge-it!

Forget building up to a big archive project (with dread!)

Discover how time can be your friend with data archiving automation.

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JD Edwards InFocus Envision Conference April 2021

InFocus Envision 2021

The show may have finished but there's still time to access the materials from our booth.

We're delighted to be supporting Quest JD Edwards activities throughout 2021.  Be sure to mark your calendar for part two of this Conference - InFocus Dive Deep in October...

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Purge-it Version 5 webinars with iSP3

Purge-it! Version 5 Webinars

Access this mini series of Purge-it! Webinars focused on Version 5

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Questions to ask when choosing a JD Edwards (JDE) data archiving solution

Know your JD Edwards Data Archiving Options Webinar

Your JD Edwards system has its own tools for managing and archiving data - but which option aligns with your company's data management goals?

Listen to this on demand Webinar for some functional answers!

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Purge-it! Version 5 Custom Module Interface for JD Edwards (JDE)

What’s new in Purge-it! Version 5

After a huge amount of development and testing work by our inhouse JD Edwards product team, we are delighted to be able to share full details of this latest major release with you.

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Insights Newsletter | October 2021 | #IFDD

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Klik IT Insights | Newsletter | A short digest of news & updates for JD Edwards' Users

Welcome to this special edition of Insights, focused on INFOCUS Dive Deep. Building on INFOCUS Envision from earlier in 2021 we're looking forward to IFDD which begins on Monday!

The Klik IT team is presenting a number of sessions in the main Conference. We'll be running shorter sessions from our exhibition booth. Come and chat to us in the booth. Enter Quest-opoly for a chance to win the great Klik IT prize.

IFDD Conference attendees will experience huge opportunities for in-depth learning, knowledge sharing and networking - globally. It's a virtual conference, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world.

Terry Clarke  CEO

Terry Clarke

Registration for sessions in the main Conference is open!

Klik IT Conference sessions:

Tuesday 19 Oct, 4.15pm ET
Terry is presenting "Divestiture - how to separate your JDE system"

Wed 20 Oct, 9.45am ET
Purge-it! World live demo

Wed 20 Oct, 3.00pm ET
J.F. Shea is presenting how they successfully archived 30 years of Homebuilder data with Purge-it!

Thu 21 Oct, 11am ET
Join Richard Wilde's session "Unleash the Power of Powerforms, Tab Controls and Graph Controls"

We are also running live sessions from our exhibition booth:
Getting started with Archiving | Live demos | Updates on Purge-it! | An introduction to Archive Automation | Open forum discussion on Archiving, Data Retention Policies & Data Management.

Klik IT and Quest Oracle Community Webinar. Listen on demand

Terry Clarke presented a Webinar on Archive Automation recently with Quest.

You can listen on demand

- Don't forget we also have a Whitepaper on Automation

- Prefer a high-level overview?  Checkout the Automation brochure

We're delighted to announce that we've achieved Oracle Validated Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expertise for the integration of Purge-it! 5.01

Read the press release

INFOCUS Dive Deep | October 18 - 21 | Virtual Conference for JD Edwards users

There's still time to register for INFOCUS Dive Deep. Join us!


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