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AAA Purge-it! Customer Success Story
AAA Purge-it! Customer Success Story

American Automobile Association

A Purge-it! Success Story - Established in 1902, AAA provides services to over 54 million members through over 1,100 facilities. Their core service was and is roadside assistance, and also includes travel assistance and planning, insurance, credit cards, vacations, discounts and much more.
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Getting A Better Solution for Data Growth

AAA is well known to most people for their roadside assistance, travel programs, insurance and many other valuable services to the traveling public. Having been in business for over 100 years, they have built their reputation and value and have millions of satisfied customers. AAA has been running JD Edwards since 1992, and from Day One had plans and processes in place to help to tame the normal data growth that comes with an ERP solution. Currently utilizing the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 system, AAA runs several of the core modules of EnterpriseOne including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, and Purchasing.

Time For A Change

As with many JD Edwards customers, keeping their database clean and gaining the performance and additional benefits was important to AAA.

“From the beginning, we knew that the best approach was to do regular purges and archives of our main tables,” said Allen Hall, Senior Business Systems Analyst at AAA. “We targeted to keep our data to less than 60% of total disk space – it just seemed smart to allow for better performance, reduced backup time and space, and generally to keep our system running smoothly.”

AAA had been using another of the available tools for their JDE purge. “We found that it was not very easy to work with – we needed to call in the consultants each year to help us do our annual purge. We wanted something we could pick up and run ourselves - to regain our independence." stated Allen.

The Alternatives and The Selection

"We set out to find a solution that could be implemented simply, could be easily brought in house, that was purpose built for JD Edwards, and ideally would provide simple but secure access to the data that we archive each year," noted Allen. "We liked the idea of keeping clean, we just needed a better and more effective way to accomplish this."

After reviewing the options available to them, AAA selected the Purge-it! solution. "We were impressed – it was Oracle Validated Integration, worked right within EnterpriseOne, installed as an ESU, and had the options for archived data access. Being built with the EnterpriseOne toolset was big for us – it showed how easy the product was to use and the integration into the tables, menus, UDCs and more."

Quick Implementation, Stellar Support & Ongoing Purging

Once the decision was made to go forward with the Purge-it! product, the project was put into gear. As the Purge-it! product is built right into JD Edwards, AAA was able to install the product themselves.

A small amount of outside consulting was used to get up to speed on Purge-it! – "Maybe a day – a very small amount," noted Allen Hall – and then the purge and archive was done. As recommended, it was done first in test mode, then in production.

"We completed the first purge with Purge-it! in less than one calendar month," said Allen. "Again, since it works just like JD Edwards it was extremely simple to pick up and run. We could not have asked for anything easier than that."

AAA has, as has been the case since Day One for them, continued on with regular annual purges. They have done several more since the initial implementation.

"Just like we had hoped for – we do it all ourselves now. The audit reports provided are so helpful in researching any data issues we have – we have rolled them out to the business users to help them easily research this."

AAA currently keeps current plus two historical years in production, plus five years in their archive environment.

Final Thoughts & Benefits

"It has been great! We control our purge and archive destiny now – just what we wanted. In addition, we chose the option for accessing archived data right from within our production system and menus… Our users find this extremely helpful," said Allen Hall.

"You do the set up and you are all set for your next purge – it is dead simple. It does exactly what it is intended to do – purge and archive with integrity and in an easy to use way, right in JD Edwards."

"A wonderful, integrated easy to use solution – we highly recommend it."

Allen Hall, Senior Business Systems Analyst.  AAA

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Story Snapshot...
  • Continue their long standing process of regular data file purges but with an easier to use tool
  • Avoid the annual consulting services otherwise needed
  • Bring the knowledge in house and allow for simple annual clean up
  • Easy access to archived data
Why Purge-it!?
  • Specifically designed for JD Edwards
  • Self install ability, in house usage is simple
  • Easy access to archived data for users
  • Proof and final modes, reversal ability
  • Simple installation, works within JDE
  • Audit files and transactions
Key Benefits
  • Simple, easily understood process and tool to allow for needed ongoing purge and archive of JDE data
  • Reduced reliance on outside services for purge and archive
  • Easy user access to archived data directly from within Production
  • Much improved performance
  • So easy, end users can take responsibility
  • Happy internal users
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