Manage-it! 1.03 Released September 2020

Manage-it! Version 1.03

In keeping with Manage-it!’s goal of helping users of JD Edwards better understand their system, and what is impacting on its health and performance, the Job Performance Analyzer shows the loading on your system by giving detailed analytics on batch jobs.

Do you know:

  • What your longest running batch jobs are?
  • How often they are run?
  • What users are submitting them?
  • For these jobs, what is the combined run times on your system?
  • How different versions of the same jobs perform?
  • Do jobs that used to run quickly, now take much longer to complete?

All this information could now be at your fingertips in a single, easy to use Dashboard that you don’t need to be a system administrator to use or understand.

The new Dashboard, like other Manage-it! Dashboards, is designed for people who need high level technical information, but might themselves not be able to retrieve that information, therefore taking away the need to ask your system and database administrators. 

The Dashboard itself, takes information from the JD Edwards Job History tables and presents it to the user in a collated and summarized form with the user being able to filter by time period that they wish to analyze the data over, and sort by the analytic detail they are interested in.

At the heart of the Dashboard is a grid containing summarized batch job and version information sorted in ascending, or descending sequence.

From this grid, other aspects of the Dashboard are fed.  These include:

  • A graphical display of the jobs which have the biggest impact on the system in descending order.
  • A trend analysis for all jobs showing the history of the job’s performance over time. This feature is incredibly useful to understand what jobs have a worsened performance since their inception.
  • A breakdown of users submitting each job and the amount of times they are submitted.

All in, the Job Performance Analyzer delivers on its objectives of making job performance information available to JD Edwards users, from within the JD Edwards system, helping to put you back in control of your system performance.
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Manage-it! Version 1.03 is available for general release

Manage-it! Version 1.03 is available for general release

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