Use it before you lose it! Do you have leftover budget?

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Use it before you lose it! Do you have leftover budget?

Find out about
 upgrading Purge-it! for your organization.  Benefit from technical and functional enhancements.

What version of Purge-it! do you have?
Check out the guide below to identify your current release.

What's new in 

Purge-it! v5

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What version of Purge-it! do you have?

To identify your current release of Purge-it! enquire on the 98/RL UDC table within JD Edwards, using the prefix of KPRG (as shown below).

Your installed Purge-it! release is the highest numeric release number in that list.  In this example, KPRG429F refers to Version 4.29 of Purge-it!

How to find out what version of Purge-it! you have?


Enquire on 98/RL UDC table within JD Edwards,
with prefix KPRG to discover your version
of Purge-it!





Upgrading Purge-it!

We offer a Fixed Price Package to perform the in-situ upgrade of Purge-it! for you in your existing JD Edwards release.  This includes installation of the Purge-it! software into your chosen environment(s) and a health check of the upgraded environment(s).

Performing a Purge-it! upgrade in-situ can be accomplished internally within an organization, but it is usually more efficient and effective to engage with us to perform the Purge-it! upgrade.

In the scenario where you are moving from an older release of Purge-it!, there can be a lot of pre and post ASU tasks to be performed, most of which are surrounding the new version of Purge-it!  All of these will be covered under the upgrade package.

You can upgrade Purge-it! as part of a JD Edwards upgrade or whilst remaining on the same release of JD Edwards.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What changes have there been between major Purge-it! releases?

To quantify the business benefits of a Purge-it! upgrade for your organization, get in touch.

We'll let you know the significant changes that have been incorporated into the software since the release you currently have.

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Use it before you lose it! | Using up leftover budget