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Fauchon Purge-it! Case Study
Fauchon Purge-it! Case Study


Fauchon wanted a solution which had been designed specifically for EnterpriseOne. Purge-it! was the clear winner in that it is implemented within JDE, using JDE menus and would therefore be immediately familiar for the users.
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Fauchon is a French gourmet food company that was founded in 1886 by Auguste Fauchon. Given the high quality of his produce and packaged goods made by its suppliers, the Fauchon Company quickly became very famous internationally. In more recent times Fauchon has reinvented itself as the leading force in contemporary French culinary culture.

System Storage at Capacity

Fauchon, the well-known French caterer and luxury food store, implemented JD Edwards EnterpriseOne version 8.12 in 2008. Since then, Fauchon’s Sales, Inventory, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger databases have been growing incrementally larger. Not only were the files getting larger and larger, meaning that capacity was running out, the system was slowing down, with complaints starting to come into the IT department from operational users. An emergency solution was sought which would not only improve performance speed, but also release up some sorely needed disk space.

Which Archiving Solution?

Internal development of a purge solution was not an option. The situation was critical and required an existing software solution dedicated to archiving data. Although a formal ROI statement was made, because of the immediacy of the need, the requirement for a purge solution could not be avoided. A quick and simple google search presented two options for Fauchon, one being Purge-it! from Klik IT. Both solutions were put through their paces and after careful consideration the decision was made to invest in the Purge-it! toolset.

Fauchon wanted a solution which had been designed specifically for EnterpriseOne. Purge-it! was the clear winner in that it is implemented within JDE, using JDE menus and would therefore be immediately familiar for the users. It came with the added benefits of requiring fewer consultancy days and these key factors were significant in Fauchon’s choice.

Very Quick Implementation

The largest proportion of time was spent internally on defining the business rules – it was important to establish the best method for archiving at the outset. Implementation of Purge-it! itself took only a few days, then a test station was set up to purge the Sales, Inventory, AR and GL files. Fauchon was impressed that with the first two year’s of Sales Orders having been archived, Purge-it! had already released approximately 50GB of space. Although there is no structured plan for archiving, the goal is to keep just one complete year’s worth of data on the live system.

Great Customer Service

Although only having to be in touch with Klik IT 4 or 5 times by email over the whole process, Fauchon have been impressed by the level of support received, and with their speed of response. A great sign of customer loyalty is the recommendation of a product to others. Already Fauchon are happy to communicate to JD Edwards users who want to gain a live customer experience of using Purge-it! and get some independent and impartial feedback.

"It is my opinion that Purge-it! is the most appropriate solution for archiving JD Edwards data. Central to this is the fact that with its use of JDE menus, you are immediately familiar with the software and not having to learn a completely new system. Purge-it! is very intuitive."

Responsable Fonctionnel, Fauchon Paris

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- Release up storage

- Improve speed of system

- Reduce operation user complaints!

Why Purge-it!?

- Specifically designed for JD Edwards

- Easy to understand

- Intuitive

- Simple to implement

- Great support

Key Benefits

- Easy to implement

- Better quality of service/performance for internal users

- Faster System

- Spare disk space


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