JD Edwards Upgrades...Your data and what to do with it.

Why archive as part of an upgrade?

Did you join The Oracle JD Edwards Executive Team during Quest Innovation Week?

Lyle Ekdahl (@LyleEkdahl) and team spoke about the risks to organizations of not upgrading to more recent versions of JD Edwards.

iSP3 referred, in their synopsis of Lyle Ekdahl’s presentation*, to the importance of being “ready to scale, avoid obsolescence, and embrace digital technologies to create connected, agile, and real-time businesses.”

If you are planning to embrace this advice - performing a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne upgrade - then it is time to look at something that you have probably overlooked for many years; your data!

Oracle recommends archiving as part of any JD Edwards upgrade project, whether it be EnterpriseOne or as part of the migration to Cloud.

The most common business case for archiving your old data before upgrading, is for the speed of the upgrade.

However, the REAL case for archiving before upgrading is MUCH more compelling than just the time it takes to perform the upgrade.

So what OTHER reasons do you have for archiving your JD Edwards data?  Check out the full article

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