The easiest to implement Purge and Archive solution for JDE on the Market. Purge-it! is the complete purge and archive solution for JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne.

An ‘end-to-end’ solution for archiving your JD Edwards system

The only archiving solution developed within JDE making it truly the easiest to implement product on the market.

Purge-it! has a simple interface for reporting on all purge and archive activity.  

From a single ‘work with’ screen you can:

  • See how much data has been archived by table
  • See run times and user information in the session log
  • Enquire on the Purge-it! Audit data
  • Submit archive reversals
  • Cancel or forward schedule the cancellation of a currently running archive job

Available Modules include:

  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Manufacturing Works Orders
  • Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • HR / Payroll
  • Custom (Any Table) Module
  • Address Book
  • EDI 

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Purge-it! supports the whole project lifecycle

Easy Implementation

Incredibly quick and easy to implement because there is no requirement to learn a third party package

Fast Business Buy In

Fast business buy in due to the familiarity of the software and not having to go outside of JD Edwards

'End to End' Solution

The only archiving solution that supports the entire project lifecycle with an Environment Dashboard to monitor environment data growth

Native to JD Edwards

Purge-it! is the only archiving solution for JD Edwards that has been developed within the toolset. This means that the software interface is familiar to users with the purge routines being batch jobs, with processing options and data selection.

The monitoring of results is then performed via Purge-it! JD Edwards applications.


Native to JD Edwards

End to end solution

Purge-it! offers an indispensable and unique end-to-end solution to your archiving project. It provides your business with a whole solution and not just a tool.

This is achieved via new Environment and Session management Dashboards and continual collating of database information to monitor growth compared to archiving activities.

End to end solution

Environment Dashboard

The new Purge-it! Environment Dashboard helps you to monitor the sizes and growth of your JD Edwards Production and Production Archive Databases.

Environment Dashboard

Flexible Archiving

Purge-it! uniquely allows different types of archiving allowing you to choose the approach that best meets your business needs.

Purge-it! is unique in that it is the only archive software that supports ‘simple’ and ‘advanced’ archiving. This is possible because Purge-it! does not insist that the archive tables have the same name as the standard JD Edwards tables which means that the archive data can co-exist with your live data within the production environment. However Purge-it! still supports the use of standard JD Edwards table names for the archive data and subsequently a separate Archive environment.

Flexible Archiving

At A GLance

Feature Set

Purge-it! for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

  • Easy to implement
  • Familiar EnterpriseOne interface reduces training and implementation time
  • Document/Transaction level archiving
  • Full audit history
  • Automated purge/archive reversals
  • Oracle Validated Integration

Purge-it! World

  • Easy to implement
  • Built in integrity rules
  • Simple to run
  • Document/Transaction level archiving
  • Commitment control protects data integrity


Listen To Our Customers


of our customers told us Purge-it! was the most cost effective solution on the market


of our customers bought Purge-it! to avoid having to learn a third party product


Of our customers told us Purge-it! was the easiest to use solution on the market

We partner with Klik IT because their archiving solution is the most intuitive and complete purging and archiving solution out there. It's also the easiest to implement and use solution, without exception.

Andy KleeAndy KleeKlee Associates

I selected, validated, purged, and archived four modules of 2006 data in our system. It took just 2 hours and 20 minutes. The support from Klik IT is the best I have ever had for any software product. Whenever I had a question, I usually had answers within 30 minutes. I was very pleased with the quick and accurate email responses.

Purge-it! ImplementorPurge-it! ImplementorWashington County - MN

We reviewed most of the other archiving products, but chose Purge-it! when we saw the ease of use and great fit with the JD Edwards Toolset. This helped us tremendously with the learning curve and understanding of a new application. Additionally, the Klik IT staff worked very closely with us during implementation and provided very thorough training.

Paul BurkePaul BurkeDiversitech

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