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There is no better way to evaluate a product than viewing it in action and talking to the JD Edwards experts who know how to implement it.

Join the Klik IT team at a JD Edwards Conference or on a Webinar! Find out why Purge-it! is much more than a tool. Purge-it! is a data archiving solution designed and built for your JD Edwards archiving needs.

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JD Edwards Data Archiving webinar | What makes Purge-it! unique | February 2024

Webinar - What makes Purge-it! unique

Find out about JD Edwards data archiving in this February webinar with JDEMart. We'll show you the Purge-it! data archiving solution. Register your place for Tue 6 or Thu 8 Feb.

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Klik at BLUEPRINT 4D 2024 conference

BLUEPRINT 4D 2024 Conference, May 7-10, Dallas TX.

Mark your calendars for the BLUEPRINT 4D Conference in Dallas, TX. The Klik team will be there to talk all about JD Edwards data archiving and to show you Purge-it!

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A great in person INFOCUS conference!

What a wonderful few days in Denver with the JD Edwards community.

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Klik IT celebrates 25 years of JD Edwards business

25 years in business!

2023 marked the anniversary of 25 years since Klik IT was founded.

We take a moment to look back at the milestones.

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Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World

Archive Media Objects with Purge-it! Release 5.1

Find out what's included in the latest release of the Purge-it! data archiving software.

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Purge-it! product demo | JD Edwards archiving | Choose a date that suits you

Purge-it! Product Demo

Looking for a Purge-it! product demonstration?  Great!  Contact us to arrange a demo at a time that suits you and your team.  See how Purge-it! can support your organization's JD Edwards data archiving.

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JD Edwards Data Compliance Webinar | Available on demand

Webinar - Data Compliance - available on demand

Discover how the new Data Compliance Module can help your organization proactively manage personal data in JD Edwards in line with data privacy rules and regulations.

Access the webinar presentation on demand.

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JD Edwards Data Compliance Module | New Module!

Manage-it! has expanded | New Data Compliance Module

The Manage-it! suite of data management tools now includes The Data Compliance Module.

This announcement marks an expansion to the existing Manage-it! solution.

Read the full announcement to discover what this means for JD Edwards users...

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How to Minimize Risk of a Data Breach and Address Legal Compliance | Webinar | Available on demand

Minimize Risk of a Data Breach & Address Legal Compliance - available on demand

Listen to this 30 minute Webinar on demand with JDEMart and discover how to be proactive in your approach to JDE data security.

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Archiving as a Service Webinar | Available on demand

Webinar - Archiving as a Service - available on demand

Terry Clarke and Claudio Aru present this 60 minute Webinar about Archiving as a Service with JDEMart.

Listen on demand and discover the details behind the as a Service model for JD Edwards Archiving.

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Purge-it! Version 5 Webinars

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Purge-it Version 5 webinars with iSP3


During this webinar we review the latest release as it is packed full of features and functionality, developed to deliver a better and more powerful user experience.

We also step back and explore significant developments from earlier versions of Purge-it! to ensure you are benefiting from the changes and enhancements that have been specifically designed to let you leverage all the latest development in JD Edwards.

Access the Webinar on demand here...



Headlining this release is the major update of the custom module. Significant enhancements have been made to the Custom Module Extension Pack with the inclusion of numerous starter scripts for things like address book, EDI and more. Not only is version 5.0 bringing an enriched user experience, but it is also dramatically streamlining the process of archiving those custom tables that have been lurking so long!

Access the Webinar on demand here...

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