Tackle your data Tangle... Make it leaner, cleaner and fit for purpose.

Tackle the Tangle

Your Data story

If you run J D Edwards, then your company will have been collecting data in the normal operation of its business processes.

Your data consists of items or ‘sets’ which start out as self-contained pieces representing an individual process.
For example a sales order, a purchase order, an inventory item etc. 

As these sets of data are processed, other sets are created to support the processing of the item.
For example, a sales order may require the purchase of a part, therefore creating a purchase order and linking it to the sales order.

Gradually, over time, your business moves away from having a database that consists of many separate sets of data.  Instead, it starts to have a structure more akin to multiple ‘strings’ of interconnected data sets. The quantity and complexity of these interconnected and in some cases overlapping data strings can start to resemble a huge deeply tangled web.

Where does this leave us?

After years or even decades of data collection, this may leave you wondering…
How much disorder your data is in?
How it is arranged?
What action to take?

So how do you Tackle the Tangle and reduce your database size?

Understand the nature of the data sets, and the defined relationships in JD Edwards for your data ‘web’.  This will enable you to kick off the process of unpicking your unique data tangle.

Depending on the type, nature and age of the data in your business, some will have more value than other data.  This is an important distinction.  Most businesses find that a large quantity of the data they hold has little or no significant benefit.

In summary

5 key steps to Tackle your data Tangle:
You need to be able to:

  1. Identify the business data that is old and complete (and can therefore be archived and potentially at a later date purged)
  2. Understand the relationships that data has with other data in the JD Edwards system
  3. Cross validate the related data
  4. Remove the strings of data from your JD Edwards system and move them into an archive
  5. Identify incomplete data and/or data with bad integrity so it can be flagged for checking and fixed if appropriate.

Next steps

Purge-it! from Klik IT is the only native, purpose built archiving solution for JD Edwards.

Klit IT are uniquely positioned to work with you and your data.  Using 225 years plus of shared JD Edwards knowledge and experience, Klik IT have created a solution that understands the complex relationships in JD Edwards and unpicks your data tangle for you.

Let us support you and your IT department to overcome potential resistance and fear towards data archiving.  With over 200 Purge-it! customers across the world, we can honestly say that tackling your data tangle is a positive move towards proactive data management.

Don’t leave it!  Contact us to TACKLE THE TANGLE today!

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