Find a JD Edwards archiving solution that works for your business. Ask these 5 questions.

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8 reasons to automate your JD Edwards archiving

8 reasons to automate your JD Edwards archiving

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Purge-it! archiving product integrated into JD Edwards

What is meant by an integrated JD Edwards archiving solution?

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Deteriorating system performance negatively impacts many job functions across an organization. Find out why you system is slow. Discover how to speed up your JD Edwards system and enhance the user experience.

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JD Edwards archiving software | Purge-it! is integrated in JD Edwards

Find out which version of Purge-it! your organization is running

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Klik IT celebrates 25 years of JD Edwards business

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As Klik IT celebrates 25 years in business in 2023, we took some time out to chat to CEO, Terry Clarke.
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5 questions to ask when searching for a JD Edwards archiving solution

Find a JD Edwards archiving solution that works for your business. Ask these 5 questions.

Is your organization looking for a 3rd party archiving solution?

Checkout 5 key questions to ask when evaluating JD Edwards archiving tools and solutions.

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Data Retention and Security for JD Edwards

Data Retention & Security

Data Retention and Security is a hot topic and a vast subject. 

In this Blog post we look at Data Retention and Security from the perspective of organizations running JD Edwards.  We cover the key considerations as we see them and provide links to industry articles and information for a broader view of the subject.

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Find a JD Edwards archiving solution that works for your business. Ask these 5 questions.

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5 questions to ask when searching for a JD Edwards archiving solution

So, you've been asked to evaluate third party archiving solutions?

Great news! Your organization has decided to archive JD Edwards data.

The results will speak for themselves when your business has a faster system that responds more quickly to user requests.  But, how do you find the right JDE archiving solution?

If you've been tasked with finding the answer to your company's archiving needs then use our 5 questions to help your evaluation process.

Look for positive answers to 5 key questions

1. Is the archiving solution easy to use?

  • Is it a separate tool or built in?
  • Will it support the entire archive project (end-to-end) or only the mechanical task of the archive?
  • How much disruption should you expect?

2. Does the interface require a large amount of training?

  • Ask to see a demo including the interface. Is it intuitive?
  • Is the navigation straightforward?
  • Does it involve leaving JD Edwards to access reports?

3. Is the functionality failsafe?

  • Does it have easy reversal options?
  • Will the archived data be restored to its original place?

4. Will the archiving solution work at a JD Edwards 'Document' level?

5. Is it fully auditable?

  • Can it identify business process and data integrity issues in the JD Edwards environment?
  • Does the interface allow users to see detailed and summarized audit data views?


In summary, a 3rd party archiving product should have the required functional and technical knowledge already built in. The archiving solution should provide a framework to support the processes required in a JDE archiving project:

  • Building a process which can be ‘productionized’
  • Configurable data integrity checking
  • Full Audit
  • Reversible
  • Access to archived data
  • Data boundary protection (commitment control / transaction processing)
  • Useability!
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Find a solution to cover all essential bases for safe and effective JD Edwards archiving


Look for positive responses to 5 key questions


If a third-party solution fails to meet one of these criteria, or even worse fails to meet many of the criteria, proceed with caution.

You risk purchasing a product that could become ‘shelfware’ in your organization.


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