What is meant by an integrated JD Edwards archiving solution?

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Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World

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8 reasons to automate your JD Edwards archiving

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Purge-it! archiving product integrated into JD Edwards

What is meant by an integrated JD Edwards archiving solution?

What's the difference between an external and an internal archiving product when it comes to JD Edwards archiving? Read our short blog post as we summarize the differences.

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Purge-it! by Klik IT | Data Archiving for JD Edwards E1/World

Find out which version of Purge-it! your organization is running

Make sure your organization is maximizing its use of the archiving solution Purge-it!  Find out which software version you have.  Discover the latest product enhancements and new Purge-it! features and functionality.

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Ask these 5 questions when searching for a JD Edwards data archiving solution

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What is meant by an integrated JD Edwards archiving solution?

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Purge-it! archiving product integrated into JD Edwards

What is an integrated JDE archiving solution?

Is it better to choose an integrated archiving product or external?

External archiving software

External JDE archiving software sits outside of the JD Edwards ERP and will have its own interface that needs to be learned by users. Depending how technical the interface is, this can present a challenge for some JDE users.

Internal archiving solution

Purge-it! is 100% embedded in JD Edwards and the archiving software becomes part of the JDE system. Being an integral archiving solution means the Purge-it! application interface is provided by JD Edwards standard forms. This is immediately recognizable to JDE Super Users and Administrators.  Purge-it! uses the same screens and programs as JD Edwards.

How do you configure the JDE archive jobs?

With Purge-it!, an integrated JD Edwards product, configuring archive jobs is simple. You set up processing options and data selection. Use of Dynamic Date Offsets can automate JD Edwards archiving.  Once the Date Offset options are set up they will rarely need changing, you simply submit the batch version.

Why is ease of use important when selecting a JDE archiving product?

Your employees may be skilled at learning new software packages and adapting to new software interfaces.  However, staff tend to move onto new roles internally within an organization and some leave to join a different organization altogether. This leaves you managing handovers and organizing more training.

An integrated solution removes the requirement for skilling up employees.  Purge-it! is easy to use because it’s built into the familiar JDE interface. This ensures rapid adoption into an organization and a much higher probability of strong and continued usage of the product.

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Consider ease of use of the archiving product versus potential ‘shelfware’


Relevant questions to ask

  1. Is the software easy to use? Will you remember how to use it in a year’s time? If not, will you need to pay the product ‘experts’ to come back and run the process for you?

  2. Will anybody else be able to pick up the product and use it?
    This is important to consider if the person looking after the software leaves the company.

  3. Does the archiving software have the potential to become ‘shelfware’?



Purge-it! environment dashboard interface

Purge-it! Environment Dashboard interface



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